BREAD OF LIFE BAKERY is a non-profit organization run by physically disabled young adults who have grown up in orphanages in China.
All our profits are used to help orphans and children in China, especially those who are handicapped, by providing funds for surgeries, wheelchairs and other needs.
Bread of Life Bakery is proud to be a sister organization to Agape Family Life House, continuing its mission by providing handicapped young adults with not only a job, but a promising future of independence through education, job readiness and a family.
Every bite you take supports an orphan!

Our People are good people.


Bread of Life Bakery
HeBei Sheng,LangFang Shi
KaiFaQu, HongRunDao
DongFangHuaYuan, E9


Home Plate BBQ
ChaoYang District
35号XiaoYun Lu Courtyard
ChaoYang District
Solana Mall
L-RS-03, Bldg 16, Gongyuan Lu

Corner Bistro
ChaoYang District
Yuan Dian Art Gallery, 2F
New City Center
112号Lize West 2nd Road


Dulwich College,
Legend Garden Campus
Coffee and Books
89 号Capital Airport Road

To place and order by phone: 137.2262.2865
By email:
Our bakery is located a short drive outside Beijing in Langfang.

Our Address
KaiFaQu, HongRunDao
DongFangHuaYuan E9


Absolutely bewildered that such a fine example of artistry and cooking can come to an end.

For those of you who love Bread of Life Bakery and has supported me over the four years I have been in China, helping to bring Bread of Life to where it is, then know this is where a major step was taken.

So sad =(

SCRATCHbread Closing

Up and Running Again!

Hello everyone!  It’s clearly been a long time since we last posted on our website.  One reason being that the website was temporarily out-of-order, but more so because 2014 was an incredibly busy year!  Many changes took place, particularly the expanding (physical) and shrinking (personnel) of the bakery.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who made Bread of Life Bakery possible last year.  In particular, we thank our major supporters:  Harrow International School, BIBA International School, Dulwich Coffee and Books, Roundabout Charity, Where East Eats West, and New City Center / River of Grace Church!

Happy Holidays from Bread of Life Bakery

Tis the season for us to get BUSY!  Thanksgiving is around the corner and we’ve got hundreds of pies ready for your dinner table.  We will have special deliveries during Thanksgiving week:

-Deliveries extended to Monday-Friday

-Delivery minimum reduced to 1 pie

If you plan to order some of our delicious baked goods for Thanksgiving, please place your orders as soon as possible as our capacity fills up quick!

Nov-2014 Thanksgiving Specials


Belated Thank Yous

Just wanted to take the time to say many belated “thank yous” to some key people and places that helped us stay “in the black” this year!

MK Brown of Tai Tai:  Organizing dozens of sales, supporting RoundAbout charity and us!
MeiYan (Bady) Liu:  Inviting us for bake sales at the US Embassy during their coffee hour
Shelby Pargas of Stage One Production:  Organizing yet another successful “The Gift” bazaar
Residents of TianJin:  Although you guys are in the opposite, geographical direction, you’ve help us a TON this year with personal orders and with TianJin International School’s Holiday Bazaar
Ben Sanders of Harrow International School:  Continuing your desire to help our bakery and foster home through weekly bake sales
Robbie of Green T. House:  Allowing our foster home to use their space for a concert fundraiser and hosting several sales
The Corner Cafe:  Our first location for resale of our breads!
Home Plate BBQ:  Even with all their amazing food, they still choose to support us by housing our desserts
Residents of Beijing:  Saving the best for last!  All of you are surrounded by more and more dessert shops and yet you still choose to purchase from us.  Maybe it’s the door-to-door delivery or maybe it’s to support the charity.  Whatever the reason, thank you for always believing in our mission to provide the best home style desserts in China through the hands of high trained, handicapped, young adult orphans!

I know I missed naming many others.  I hope you can forgive me and consider yourself in the category of “Residents of Beijing” even if you’re not from there… the sentiment holds the same!

Holiday Gourmet Food Fair Menu

For those who are (and especially for those who aren’t) planning to attend next Wednesday’s event, here is a sneak peak of what we will be bringing to the event:


Bread of Life’s Famous Homemade Chili (with bread bowl… or without, but we suggest with!)


Turkey, Cheddar and Onion Butter **correction: no onion butter, cranberry aioli instead!


Our Famous Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Chocolate Cake
Our Famous Red Velvet Cupcake
Cinnamon Rolls
Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Apple Pie
Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Oat Raisin, Oat Choc Chip)


Whole Wheat
“The Mutt”
Seasonal Foccacia:  Roasted Potato with Herbs and Cracked Red Pepper


November Festivities

With November having quickly arrived, we are getting our holiday schedule prepped and ready!  (Un)fortunately, we are getting quite booked this month with various public and private sales as well as the fearfully dreaded, Thanksgiving Week /)(\

Check out our events and specials this month below!

Oh, and we just added another event – Wednesday, November 20th:  Holiday Gourmet Food Fair, hosted at Green T. House Living, Shunyi.  More details below!

Nov-Beijinger Events Page

Food Glorious Food eflier

bread wisdom

when you’ve got a proper loaf, the crust is the best

IMG_6568 IMG_5467

A Date With LuYu!

Yesterday the kids at Agape Family Life House were able to go on “A Date With LuYu.”  Accompanying them was our bakery women, sharing a bit of their experiences working at the bakery.  The studio audience got to taste some of our goodies and the women were lucky enough to get a very quick demonstration on how to make flowers with frosting; still a work in progress, but very cool to see them aside a professional in their field!

Date 1 Date 2 Date 3

Back in LangFang

Danny came back to LangFang about two weeks ago and even though the time back has been short, so much has already happened!

We are in the works of getting together proper legal documents to be able to expand the business as well as possibly partner with a restaurant in Beijing, which may give us the opportunity to open our first official Beijing location!

Lots to do, and as always, no time!!  How can we juggle all this while providing you with the best cakes, cookies, pies, and bread in town?!???  Prayers… lots and lots of prayers, haha!


As some of you may know, Danny is currently in Xi’An, working to develop a new location of Bread of Life Bakery!  Here are some delicious and awe-inspiring snippets of what he’s been up to (More to come soon!).

SRC... Instagram-ed

Silk Road Cafe… Instagram-ed

New to Beijing, Old to Xi'An:  Layered Cakes, Coming Soon!

New to Beijing, Old to Xi’An: Layered Cakes, Coming Soon!

Double Rainbow