Belated Thank Yous

Just wanted to take the time to say many belated “thank yous” to some key people and places that helped us stay “in the black” this year!

MK Brown of Tai Tai:  Organizing dozens of sales, supporting RoundAbout charity and us!
MeiYan (Bady) Liu:  Inviting us for bake sales at the US Embassy during their coffee hour
Shelby Pargas of Stage One Production:  Organizing yet another successful “The Gift” bazaar
Residents of TianJin:  Although you guys are in the opposite, geographical direction, you’ve help us a TON this year with personal orders and with TianJin International School’s Holiday Bazaar
Ben Sanders of Harrow International School:  Continuing your desire to help our bakery and foster home through weekly bake sales
Robbie of Green T. House:  Allowing our foster home to use their space for a concert fundraiser and hosting several sales
The Corner Cafe:  Our first location for resale of our breads!
Home Plate BBQ:  Even with all their amazing food, they still choose to support us by housing our desserts
Residents of Beijing:  Saving the best for last!  All of you are surrounded by more and more dessert shops and yet you still choose to purchase from us.  Maybe it’s the door-to-door delivery or maybe it’s to support the charity.  Whatever the reason, thank you for always believing in our mission to provide the best home style desserts in China through the hands of high trained, handicapped, young adult orphans!

I know I missed naming many others.  I hope you can forgive me and consider yourself in the category of “Residents of Beijing” even if you’re not from there… the sentiment holds the same!